Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To the Beloved!

Word of the Lord spoken to Sister Carlette L King!


“Where is thy seeking? Where is thy chase? Where is thy hunger for My touch, and thy thirsting for My voice? Where is thy desire and passion? Where is thy longing and waiting?”, says the lover of my soul.

In my time with the Lord at 3:50 this morning, He softly spoke these words to me. We talked a while. And when He spoke, it was not harsh as a ruler or like that of the heavy storm.... He spoke tenderly and softly. He spoke of His longing for the intimacy of His bride to be. Of how the lovers chase has become more of one wandering in the desert instead of sitting beside a refreshing stream on a warm day in a shaded garden. He spoke of His Beloved, saying, “look how far I've come”, instead of saying, I will go where you go. And His Beloved building spiritual towers of Babel, focusing on themselves and their own personal gain...of being more lovers of self and progress, than love, romance and commitment with Him. He spoke of His poured out blood that He paid for our ransom. And for the lack of love between each other.

His Beloved, we must awaken from our slumber and hear the voice of our Bridegroom! Many Christians play the dating game when it comes to Christ. Some date or entertain the idea of a relationship, yet serving themselves first. I have heard some say that they would get more serious with Jesus after they fulfilled their dreams or after they got their big position at work. And I have heard some only come to Him in perilous times or had no one else to turn to. These types of so-called Christians, are lukewarm. God's word says that He'd rather have us hot or cold then lukewarm. Since we do not know the time nor the hour when the King of Kings breaks through those clouds, NOW would be a good time to examine ourselves and where we fall short, get ourselves turned around. To be truly committed, a lover of Christ, to seek Him, to chase Him to hunger for His touch, to thirst for His voice, to desire Him and to passionately long for Him – Oh the lover of our souls!

Beloved, what concerns our Bridegroom, must be a concern for us! We must be committed, fully committed. He must have our first in everything. No other gods before Him! To love Him, we must love of each other! We must have that same excitement, joy and zeal that we had when we first came to Him and received Him! Beloved, now is the time to stand apart from the world. Collectively, we are the Bride of Christ. We are Betrothed to Him. And now is the time to prepare, for he is coming soon. All of these things in this world that we are temporarily living in, will disappear, rust and decay. And surely we know, not God or His Word for they are everlasting! Let us not be too busy in well doing, be ready, stand watch and listen closely, for the lover of our souls will soon be breaking through the clouds Beloved! Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King - our Bridegroom awaits!

1 John 4:8
Revelation 1:5
Revelation 3:15, 16
Revelation 19:7, 9

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