Saturday, April 27, 2013

A study of Psalm 45 - The introduction
Psalm 45:1  To the chief musician upon Shoshannim, by the sons of Korah, a Maskil, a song of loves. 

Understanding Shoshannim - Shoshannim means "lilies," i.e. beautiful virgins. The beauty of the innocent, pure, lily like "virgins" (Psa_45:9; Psa_45:14) is spiritual.  The lily is the enigmatic expression for loveliness. One of the symbols connected to the Bride of Christ is the lily as will be seen as we study the journey of the Shulamite Bride.

The sons of Korah - Korhites under David had the chief place in keeping the tabernacle doors (1 Chronicles 6:32-37), and in the service of worship (1 Chronicles 9:19; 9:33). Eleven psalms are inscribed with their name as the authors (Psalm 42; Psalm 44; Psalm 45; Psalm 46; Psalm 47; Psalm 48; Psalm 49; Psalm 84; Psalm 85; Psalm 87; Psalm 88; compare 2Ch_20:19).  sn:  Korah himself died a horrible death because of his uprising against the man of God.  His descendants, however, were some of David's chief men in the temple service.

Maschil means Instruction.  This means that this is a teaching Psalm and that God has within it a message for us to understand.

A song of loves. “Loves” = Yedidoth.  “a song of great love” Solomon was called ידידיה, Yedidyah, which means beloved of the Lord, 2 Samuel 12:25. The use of this word  ירידות, yedidoth,  or loves, should be understood to be referring to the mutual love between a husband and wife, i.e. Christ and His bride.

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